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Congratulations to Mindy on winning a Pearl Award for “Hard,” from Feather in the Wind in the Singer-Songwriter or Folk Recorded Song category. “Hard” is both performed and written by Mindy, and produced by Scott Wiley. She tied for the award with Cherie Call for her rendition of “Nearer My God to Thee,” from Come Sing to the Lord, written by Sarah F. Adams, also produced by Scott Wiley.

The Pearl Awards are given by the Faith Centered Music Association in recognition for uplifting and inspirational music. Mindy was nominated in 5 different categories, and was involved with several other nominations for her work with the Nashville Tribute to the Prophet album.

To hear “Hard” and other songs written and performed by Mindy, you can visit her website, or her MySpace page.

Erin- Fan of Mindy, and Online Publicist