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Click on this video to see the highlight of the Nie Benefit Concert I did on Saturday. These are Nie’s daughters, Claire and Jane Nielson and they stole the show. Not a dry eye in the house. Enjoy 🙂


Ever wonder what I do when no one is watching? I won’t tell you everything, but I will share what I did whilst staying at a host family’s home in Las Vegas a few weeks ago.

I was down in good old Sin City with two back-to-back performances on a Thursday and Friday night. I secretly wish I could tell you that I was performing to sold-out audiences at The Colosseum, but these were church-girl performances (don’t get me wrong guys—we had fun! Right?) I stayed with my friend Liz who always makes me the tastiest homemade beef jerky when she knows we’ll be seeing each other (thanks Liz).

This was the first time I had stayed in Liz’s home. It’s always interesting staying in someone else’s home. I’m fascinated by how other people live—how they cook, their DVD collection, the way they decorate, etc. One can tell how much Liz values spirituality by all of the inspirational quotes on her wall and the family pictures that adorn her shelves.

Before going to bed the night before, Liz informed me that she would be leaving for work early and to make myself at home when I awoke in the morning. I habitually exercise in the mornings, so the first thing I did after awakening was peruse the DVD collection for some kind of aerobic workout. All I could find was a copy of Richard Simmons’s “Sweatin’ to the Oldies. “ Nah, I thought to myself. I scanned each shelf again. There’s got to be something else. Zilch. So, I put on my workout duds and decided to give Richard Simmons a chance. After all, he had sold a gazillion copies of his workout videos. I would soon find out that this fact alone might be the greatest mystery known to man.

It started out with a skit where Richard Simmons is searching everywhere for his mother. He finally finds her making illegal copies of his workout tapes in the back room of an obscure warehouse. He wails as the police haul her off to the Big House, “Oh, Mother!!! How could you?!!” All of this is of course, an attempt to prevent people from ripping off his videos. Oh brother, I think. Let’s get on with this.

The workout takes place in a high school prom-themed gymnasium with a live band and mullet-headed lead singer on electric. I sway side to side with Richard and his out of shape comrades. Then we start shaking our hands like we are flicking water off our fingertips. I look around to make sure no one is watching me, even though I know I am alone. Can you stop and just picture this? Yes, Mindy Gledhill all alone doing a Richard Simmons workout? Too funny. Needless to say, I didn’t make it through five minutes of the workout, not because I was sweating, but I just couldn’t take it anymore. I’m sorry Mr. Simmons. I guess I can’t endorse you.

I gave up on working out and scouted out the kitchen for breakfast. I found the avocado salsa that I had eaten the night before and ate a bowl of that (and two others later on for lunch and dinner). Now THAT is something I can endorse. Seriously amazing stuff. I’m off to get the recipe from Liz to post for you all.


Admittedly, I am not a blogger. Not until today, that is. I have long avoided the world of blogging, somehow feeling an inexplicable pressure to measure up to my talented blogging friends with their beautiful photos, clever essays, and perfect grammar. However, things change. Today marks the day of my first official blog entry—and believe me, it is LONG. I don’t care. Today I feel no pressure to impress or to highlight my best self. Today I feel compelled to share with you one person’s influence in my life.

Stephanie Clark has had an insanely magnetic personality since I first met her in high school. I moved into her neighborhood my junior year. Having lived abroad in a foreign country for the three previous years, I was rather unsure of myself in a large American high school where many circles had been tightly woven since pre-school. I spent much of that year watching and observing; searching for my place. Stephanie had a beautiful confidence about her with her signature boy-short hair and vintage-inspired clothing. She was the head cheerleader and member of Future Homemakers of America our senior year. I observed that she was very close with her family and Clark cousins that lived across the street and throughout the area. The Clarks are known as a very loving and close family with a humor and language they all speak fluently within their sphere. Such is the way of a large family. I’ve always loved watching them interact.

Allowing my own adolescent insecurities to get in the way of extending myself, it wasn’t until several years later that Stephanie and I became friends. One day, I received an unexpected email from Stephanie. I had just released my first album, “The Sum of All Grace,” an introspective and faith-based collection of songs. Stephanie (now Stephanie Nielson) was living in New Jersey at the time and wrote to tell me that her mom sent her the CD. She recounted how she had been homesick for her family, living so far away, and that from the first track to the last, she wept. I was dumbfounded. Little did she know that her simple gesture of thanks had washed over me like warm water. Stephanie continued to reach out and stay in touch with me, sharing photos and thoughts about her darling family. Soon, she had a blog up which she invited me to read and even be a featured guest on her “Friday Face” posts. Her evident sense of style and love of being a wife and mother made for very entertaining and inspiring reading.

For the last several months Stephanie had been helping me to organize a concert in Mesa, AZ where she currently lives. Several days after she last emailed me about the concert, I got word that Stephanie and her husband Christian were in a plane crash . Stunned, I hopped on my scooter and drove up the hill to her sister, Paige’s house to see if this was true. As Paige explained the gravity of the crash and their burns, my heart felt caught in my throat. I coasted the whole way down the hill, tears stinging my cheeks.

If the news of the crash wasn’t stunning enough, even more stunning is the overwhelming response of support from Stephanie’s admirers and readers of her blog. So overwhelming in fact, that even the Today Show among many other news programs and publications have covered her story. People might ask, “What is it about this person that has made her stand out among others who have suffered life-altering injuries?” You have to read her blog to understand. Stephanie imparts a portion of herself to her readers. She shares the message that being a mother is a blessing and that her husband and children are to be celebrated every day. She treasures living in the moment in order to incur a lifetime of precious memories. Her sphere of influence has encircled the globe by now. For me, it started with something as simple as an unexpected email.

To donate to the recover of Stephanie and Christian Nielson, click here .

P.S. I am still doing the concert Stephanie and I planned in Mesa on Oct. 25th at Mountain View High School. All profits from ticket sales will go towards Stephanie and Christian’s recovery as well as the family of the late pilot, Doug Kinneard who died in the plane crash. See my events page for details.

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Come out for a free concert with Mindy tonight at Southworth Hall and enjoy one of Sammy’s Cafe great milkshakes tonight at 8 pm. Get there early to get a seat!

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