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Richfield, Utah Show, Saturday, December 13

Posted on: December 11, 2008

Happy Holidays, my dearest friends!

This Christmas I have vowed to enjoy each minute with my family and loved ones. The season often gets so busy with performances and all of the planning that comes with them, so this year I have decided to only do one Christmas concert that is open to the public. That’s right, JUST ONE. If you live in Richfield, UT or you have family and friends in the area, let it be known that I am headed your way this Saturday, December 13th. I will be performing at theater in the Sevier Valley Center at 8:00 p.m. after the Lights Up Parade. You can buy tickets here. Also, all ye South Central Utahns can tune in to 100.5 FM KSVC at 8:40 a.m. to listen to an exclusive interview with me about the Richfield concert.

Did you know that all music is 20% off at www.mindygledhill.com until Christmas? Even downloads! My CDs make sweet Christmas gifts, you know.

To those of you who attended the Nie Nie Benefit Concert in Mesa, AZ, THANK YOU a hundred times over for your support. I’m confident in saying that it was the best performance experience of my life and it was largely because of all the amazing people in Mesa. Stay tuned for a Nie Nie benefit concert in Provo soon . . .

Merry Christmas!!!

Peace and Love,

Mindy Gledhill


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~HAPPY NEW YEAR~ Just wanted to remind you the Happy New Year offer ends Mon. Jan. 5th at noon for the free 8×10 print. Spread the word for people to post and e-mail David Bowman by then 🙂 Have a beautiful Sunday! ♥ Hugs! Shauna

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