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Boy Crazy

Posted on: December 11, 2008

I am a musician—or at least, I like to think that I am. When I consider my identity, music plays a major role. But I am also many other things: Rich and Karen’s daughter, one of nine children, aunt to twenty-some odd nieces and nephews, native of Northern California, a lover of the planet and advocate of holistic living (I told you I was from Northern Cal!), a fluent Spanish speaker, a Mormon, a world traveler, lover of graphic design, appreciator of historic architecture, and the list goes on. But truly, the most important roles that I play in life are wife to Ryan and mother of two boys (Jackson and Thatcher). I love these boys, madly. Indeed, you might say I am boy crazy.

I grew up as the eighth child in a family of nine children. My two oldest brothers were born first and then all seven glorious girls succeeded them. Poor brothers. That’s a lot of estrogen for one household. Because of our age gap, my brothers were out of the house for the large part of my upbringing. So, after giving birth to two boys of my own, I never know what to expect from them. They surprise me daily with language and actions I am not accustomed to. But one thing is clear: I LOVE IT (most of the time). I love little boys and all of the whistles and bells that they come pre-packaged with. Have you ever noticed that they inherently know how to make the most realistic sound for the rumbling of a diesel’s engine? Or how they so fearlessly glide over bumps and ruts in the sidewalk on scooter and skateboard? Believe me, I could do without the sprinkles on the toilet seat, but give me a dirty-faced, scabby-elbowed, bed-headed little boy any day. I am a boys’ Momma.


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Aaron came home and, after I asked him if he brushed his teeth today, he said, “Why does everyone always tell me I have bad breath? Jackson always tells me that.” That made me laugh.

Ok, so this may be an odd question, but are your parents the Winkels? My brother Daniel served in the Madrid mission and you look SO much like their daughter (I think the 3 youngest were with them when they served)- maybe because you are? Anyway, Daniel Bedell is his name. I love your music by the way.

Your boys are so super cute. I’ve got three boys and a little girl on the tail end. I love boys too. There is just something about being a mama to boys. Holistic living, eh? Me too. You know your song about gossip on your last album? It makes me so happy to hear it…. “your words are gonna get ya…” Yup, I’ve had the lovely experience of being the butt of some incredibly yucky tall tales, and it just feels good to have a great song that seems to make it not quite so bad. Thanks 😉

Erin B

Your boys are darling! And congrats on your Pearl Award!

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