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NieNie Benefit Concert

Posted on: October 1, 2008


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Mindy! You’re music is amazing and I think this benefit concert is such a nice thing to do!!! I will be there with as many people I can bring! Keep on singin girl! You change lives!


I went to high school with you and Steph too. Although I knew Steph much better then I knew you, but I do know your favorite Ryan pretty well–he and my older sisters were good friends.

I was wondering if you have thought about doing a concert in Provo for Steph. I see all that Christians high school is doing and I know that there is more we can do here, in Stephaines old stomp’n ground. Just a thought, I bet that we could get people to help and I know that the more people hear about what you are doing in Mesa the more people here in Proco want to be there and help.

I would love to help organize it–or help just by going to it. Either way I just wanted to bring it up, to see what you thought.


Tami Evans (Hodges)

I wish so badly that I could attend this concert. Not only to support Nie and her sweet family but because you are one of my favorites of all time. Your “sum of all grace” album came for a perfect time in Stephanie’s life… and mine to. It pulled me through some of the hardest times of my life. I love all of your music and I hope to see you perform someday. Florida is so far from Arizona… maybe one of these days I’ll make it closer to a show! Thank you for the inspiration.

Hey Mindy,
You are as lovely and charming as ever and quite talented I might add. I have been reading the posts on Steph and Christian and I am inspired and in awe at the incredible amounts of selfless giving. I know you are contributing so much not only physically but emotionally. I cant be at the concert but I would love to know/help if something similar was set up here. Take care, hope the concert is as wonderful as imagined.

I’ve been so sad to read about Stephanie and Christian’s tragedy – and so inspired by people coming together to help with their recovery. However, I’ve only READ about these things. Can someone reply to this post here and tell me (just so I’m saying it right) how do I pronounce “NIE-NIE”
a) as in “knee-knee”
b) as in “nigh-nigh” (like it rhymes with sigh-sigh)
c) other?

MMW, it’s a (like knee-knee). It’s from her name – StephaNIE NIElson


I’ve heard a few news stories online, and it’s pronounced like “knee-knee.” I guess it was a nickname for her because the end of StephaNIE and beginning of NIElson are the same. Hope that helps. Wish I could be at the concert too but Texas is a little too far for an over-nighter.

Mindy, I don’t know if you will remember me. I too was awe struck by your beauty in high school (in more ways than one). I would love to be at the concert but three kids later trips like this don’t come easy for me. I am glad I got to see what you are doing and it is too bad that it takes a tragedy to keep up with people you look up to and admire. I would be in heaven if you would do one in Utah, Provo would only be a three hour drive for me. If you have a blog let me know I would like to keep in touch.

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